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Update June 2, 2024
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Blinkist MOD APK is the most famous version in the Blinkist MOD APK series of publisher Blinks Labs GmbH
Mod Version 10.2.3
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Blinkist MOD APK is an app that gives users key insights and summaries from thousands of bestselling books and podcasts. Blinkist makes it easy for you to learn new knowledge in a fraction of the time it would usually take. It offers various topics, including business, history, psychology, and science. With Blinkist, you can access summaries of entire books or listen to audio versions in just 15 minutes.

It is a fantastic app that provides bite-sized content for readers and listeners. It condenses the most important ideas from a wide range of topics, allowing you to easily access and digest the necessary knowledge without reading entire books or articles. This amazing app is published by Blinks Labs GmbH.

Blinkist MOD APK

The app also includes audio versions of its nonfiction summaries so you can listen on the go. Whether you’re looking to stay informed on current events or need to brush up on your knowledge in a particular field, Blinkist will provide you with valuable information quickly and effectively. With Blinkist app, you can get a better understanding of the world’s greatest thinkers and their new ideas in just 15 minutes—anytime, anywhere.

How does Blinkist MOD APK Premium Unlocked work?

Blinkist Premium Unlocked is a revolutionary tool that takes the essential concepts and insights from books and podcasts and condenses them into 15-minute formats. It helps readers learn about various topics, including business, history, health, and lifestyle.

The app uses intelligent algorithms to identify key insights from each book or podcast and summarise them in short, understandable summaries. Blinkist also offers audio versions of the summaries so users can listen while busy with other tasks. It allows users to easily access valuable information without spending hours reading books or listening to entire podcasts.

Blinkist MOD

Users can quickly grasp the main ideas of a text without having to go through it in its entirety. Furthermore, they can access these summaries anytime and anywhere with their smartphone. It also provides audio versions of these summaries so users can enjoy them while on the go or doing any other activity. With this app, users get a free access to more than 6,500+ titles that cover a wide range of topics, from personal development to business and technology.

What Type of Content is Available on the Blinkist App?

The Latest version of the Blinkist app offers diverse content, including key insights and summaries from thousands of bestselling books and popular podcasts. Users can access condensed versions of content from various genres and categories, such as self-help, business, leadership, health, entrepreneurship, and other genres.

Blinkist Latest Version

Additionally, Blinkist provides summaries and insights from popular podcasts. This wide array of subjects makes Blinkist a valuable resource for personal and professional growth.

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What are the Interesting Features of Blinkist Big Ideas in 15 Min MOD APK?

The Blinkist APK Version offers several exciting features that make it a valuable resource for readers and learners:

Blinkist App

Key Insights in Minutes

Blinkist MOD APK is a platform that offers a convenient way to access key ideas and insights from a vast collection of books and podcasts. Blinkist condenses popular podcasts into powerful bite-sized formats bite-sized formats you can read or listen to in 15 minutes, intending to provide valuable knowledge concisely.

This enables users to quickly grasp essential concepts without investing significant time. Whether through reading or listening, Blinkist presents information in an accessible and efficient manner.

Personalized Recommendations

The app aims to enhance your reading experience by offering personalized book recommendations. By analyzing your interests and reading habits, the app ensures you discover content that aligns with your preferences.

Gone are the days of aimlessly browsing endless bookshelves or relying on generic bestseller lists. With this app, you can embark on a literary journey tailored to your tastes, ultimately enhancing your enjoyment of each book you read.

Blinkist Download

Share with Friends

Blinkist Premium APK allows users to share their passion for books and content with friends. By granting access to an additional profile on their Blinkist account, users can easily share recommendations and spread their love for reading.

This feature allows users to effortlessly extend their bookish experiences to others, providing them with a platform to discover new.

Daily Curated Books

The latest version of Blinkist APK offers the unique feature of providing a carefully selected book each day, allowing individuals to integrate learning into their everyday lives effortlessly. This convenient service ensures that users have access to various curated books, enabling them to expand their knowledge and understanding regularly.

With Blinkist, incorporating learning into one’s daily routine becomes effortless and accessible, encouraging personal growth and continuous learning.


Reading Lists

The app offers a diverse selection of reading lists that cover a wide range of topics. Users can explore books from famous TED Talk speakers, allowing them to discover content that aligns with their interests.

Whether science, technology, personal development, or any other subject, the app provides an extensive collection of books catering to various preferences. By curating these reading lists, users can easily access valuable information and expand their knowledge conveniently and engagingly.

Blinkist Premium APK

Audio Versions

Blinkist Pro APK offers a convenient solution for users who are always on the go by providing professionally narrated audio versions of every book and podcast summary.

This feature allows individuals to listen to content whenever and wherever they please, without the need to read. With this information at their fingertips, users can easily absorb knowledge and stay informed while engaging in other activities, such as commuting or exercising.

Kindle Integration

Users can now easily send book summaries straight to their Kindle e-reader. This means that Blinkist content can be easily accessed and read on their preferred device.

Whether it’s a commute or a cozy evening at home, users can now enjoy the benefits of Blinkist on their Kindle, making reading summaries even more accessible and enjoyable.

Blinkist Pro APK

Diverse Categories

Blinkist Premium MOD APK offers a diverse range of content across 27 categories, ensuring that individuals with varying interests and preferences can find something of value. Blinkist covers various topics with an informative tone, providing readers with access to knowledge and insights on different subjects.

Whether it’s personal development, science, history, or any other category, Blinkist caters to the thirst for information by delivering concise summaries that capture the essence of each topic.

Can You use Blinkist Pro APK Offline?

The Blinkist Pro app offers an offline mode, allowing users to enjoy book insights without an internet connection. This means that users can access their book summaries, audio versions of the books, and other features even when they are away from a wireless or cellular network. It also allows users to save their favorite books and articles for easy access later. Blinkist offline mode is a great way to stay informed and inspired even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

Blinkist APK MOD

Pros and Cons of Blinkist APK Download


  • Blinkist Provides access to a vast library of book summaries, allowing users to consume valuable information in a short amount of time.
  • The app offers offline reading, enabling users to access summaries without an internet connection.
  • Users can listen to audio versions of the outlines, making it convenient for multitasking or when the task is impossible.
  • The app’s sleek and user-friendly interface enhances the browsing and reading experience.
  • It offers personalized recommendations based on users’ interests, ensuring they discover relevant content.


  • While Blinkist provides comprehensive summaries, some readers may feel it needs more depth and nuance in full-length books.
  • The subscription cost might be high for individuals who prefer accessing book content through traditional means or libraries.
  • Limited customization options may hinder some users’ ability to personalize their reading experience according to their preferences.
  • Blinkist’s focus on nonfiction titles means that fiction enthusiasts may need more content options in this genre.
  • Some readers might miss out on the enjoyment of holding physical books and the aesthetic appeal they provide while using the Blinkist APK.

Free Download Blinkist MOD APK For Android

Blinkist MOD APK is an Android application that allows you to access various books and audiobooks. It allows users to read or listen to a summary of the books in 15 minutes or less. This way, users can get an idea of the book without spending time reading or listening to the full version.

The app is free to download for android from Google play store or visit to download the MOD APK file of Blinkist. It offers several features, including personalized recommendations based on reading habits, audio playback speed adjustment, and bookmarking for more straightforward navigation. It also has an offline mode so that you can continue reading even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Final Verdict

Blinkist APK MOD is a powerful tool for individuals looking to optimize their learning and personal development in a fast-paced world. Its extensive library of blinks summaries, offline access, and enhanced features, including unlimited access and ad-free experience, offer a convenient and efficient way to consume knowledge on the go.

It empowers users to broaden their horizons, acquire new skills, and stay ahead in their personal and professional lives by providing bite-sized insights from the world’s best non-fiction books. So why wait? Download Blinkist MOD APK today and Join 26 million Blinkist users and read or listen to key insights to unlock a world of knowledge. Start your journey towards lifelong learning now!


Q. Can You personalize my reading recommendations on Blinkist?

Yes, Blinkist provides personalized book recommendations based on your interests. It also offers a "book of the month" feature.

Q. How can You share Blinkist content with a friend?

Blinkist offers a free extra profile on your account, allowing you to share books and content with a friend.

Q. Are there audio versions of the content on Blinkist?

Yes, Blinkist provides audio versions of every book and podcast summary, narrated and produced by professionals, making it convenient for users to listen on the go.

Q. How diverse is the content available on Blinkist?

Blinkist offers content in 27 different categories, ensuring a wide range of topics and interests are covered. Users can also find book reviews and more.

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