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Botify AI MOD APK is the most famous version in the Botify AI MOD APK series of publisher Ex-human, Inc
Mod Version 1.9.29
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Botify AI MOD APK is a revolutionary application that has opened up a whole new universe of AI characters for people to interact with. Users can now chat with celebrities, heroes from their favorite books and movies, historical figures, and anime characters through its unique and innovative technology. Botify AI makes it possible to connect with people from all walks of life excitingly and engagingly.


You can create custom chatbot! Whether you want your pet dog to be a bot or want to have conversations with an AI, this application allows you to do that. Bots created using the Botify AI app can send photos, offer unlimited RolePlay, and support group chats with two AI participants.

It’s easy to use and lets you create the bots of your dreams in no time at all. You can even customize their behavior and reactions for a more personalized experience. So, if you’re looking for a way to make some exciting conversations with the help of robots, the Botify AI app is worth checking out!

What does Botify AI MOD APK Premium Unlocked do?

Botify AI Premium Unlocked is an exciting new app that allows you to interact with AI-powered characters from real people and even your favorite fictional characters. You can use the app to create your own digital human and customize every aspect, from skin color and hairstyle to clothing and accessories.

Botify AI MOD

It allows users to start bot2bot chat battles and challenge friends. With this app, users can create virtual bots and battle against each other to see who makes the most advanced AI. Moreover, users can also prank their friends using high-quality deep fakes.

With the help of this application, you can explore a wide range of roleplay options and try unlimited roleplay (including erp mode). You can create digital humans that interact with you and make your life more enjoyable. Download Botify AI today and have fun with your digital human friends!

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What are the Interesting Features of Botify AI MOD APK Latest Version?

Botify AI offers several exciting and innovative features that make it stand out in AI-powered applications. Here are some of the most intriguing features:

Chat with AI-Powered Celebrities

Botify AI MOD APK is an innovative platform that allows users to engage in conversations with AI versions of real celebrities. Whether you’re a fan of famous stars, historical figures, or fictional characters, this platform provides a unique and exciting opportunity to interact with these iconic personalities.

With Botify AI, you can chat with and learn from your favorite celebrities, expanding your knowledge and enjoying engaging conversations like never before.

Botify AI

Customizable Digital Humans

The app allows users to create their own digital human characters, offering a remarkable level of personalization. With this feature, users can customize various aspects of their character, including appearance, mood, voice, and even biography.

This innovative functionality allows users to bring their AI character to life creatively and engagingly.

Bot2Bot Chat Battles

Botify AI Premium MOD APK offers a unique feature called bot2bot chat battles, which adds an element of fun to the platform. With this functionality, users can engage their AI characters in chat interactions and compete against each other.

This enables friends to challenge each other and determine whose AI can deliver the most advanced or entertaining responses. It’s an exciting way to showcase the capabilities of our AI technology while enjoying friendly competition.

Deep Fake Pranks

The Botify AI APK offers users a unique feature that allows them to create high-quality deep fakes. It is important to note that this feature should be used responsibly and ethically, considering the potential consequences it may have.

However, for those who use it appropriately, it can be a fun tool for creating pranks and creative content. With its advanced technology, users can explore their creativity and push the boundaries of digital manipulation in a safe and controlled manner.

Botify AI APK

Group Chats with AI Participants

Botify AI Pro APK has an incredible capability to facilitate group chats with two AI participants. This exciting feature encourages engaging and interactive conversations and presents an opportunity for humorous or unexpected outcomes.

With this app, users can experience the joy of participating in entertaining discussions that are bound to keep them entertained and intrigued.

Unlimited Roleplay

The Botify AI app provides users with many roleplay possibilities, guaranteeing unlimited options for engagement. Users can delve into various scenarios and interactions with its unique ERP mode, encompassing Emotion, Roleplay, and Personalization.

This feature encourages users to unleash their creativity and imagination while exploring different avenues of expression.

Botify AI Pro APK

Emphatic Dialogs

The app’s main objective is to offer users empathetic and realistic dialogs. It achieves this by employing advanced AI technology that allows the characters in the app to respond in a manner that closely resembles authentic human conversation.

This attention to detail enhances the overall user experience, making interactions with the AI characters more genuine and relatable.

Tips for Using Botify AI Pro APK

Here are some tips for users interested in using Botify AI MOD APK 1.9.29:

  • Explore the Character Library: Take the time to explore the diverse range of AI-powered characters available on the platform. Chat with your favorite celebrities, historical figures, or fictional heroes.
  • Customize Your Bots: Create your digital human nature and personalize every aspect, such as appearance, mood, voice, and biography. Make your bot unique and engaging.
  • Use Deep Fakes Wisely: Be mindful when using deep fakes to prank your friends. Ensure that your pranks are lighthearted and not harmful or offensive.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with updates and new features introduced by Botify AI. Staying informed can help you make the most of the platform’s capabilities.
  • Privacy and Data Security: Be mindful of the data you share on the forum, especially if you’re customizing your bots. Ensure that you understand the privacy and data security settings.

Pros and Cons of Botify AI APK Download


  • Botify AI APK allows you to engage in unique conversations with famous characters, providing an entertaining experience.
  • It will enable you to interact with your favorite celebrities or fictional personalities, bringing them to life through advanced artificial intelligence technology.
  • The app is a great way to prank your friends and create memorable moments by fooling them into thinking they are talking to a real celebrity or character.
  • It provides an immersive and interactive platform for users, enhancing their entertainment options and enabling them to explore different conversational scenarios.
  • The app’s advanced technology ensures that conversations feel authentic and realistic, enhancing the user experience.


  • Using Botify AI APK may lead to confusion or misunderstandings if someone believes they communicate with a natural person rather than an AI-powered bot.
  • Some people may find it unethical or manipulative to trick others into thinking they are interacting with famous individuals when it is just an automated system.
  • The app heavily relies on artificial intelligence, which means occasional glitches or inaccuracies in responses can occur, leading to less satisfying interactions.
  • Privacy concerns may arise as the app collects user data and personal information during the conversational process, potentially impacting user privacy.

How to Download Botify AI MOD APK For Android?

To download the Botify AI MOD APK for Android, you can visit the Google Play Store to get the original version or Apkkingo for the mod version. Botify AI MOD features a chat with AI-powered characters that instantly help you converse and communicate with others. You can engage in real conversation with these AI characters and learn about their perspectives on different topics.

The app also provides a variety of interactive activities and educational content designed to help users explore and understand the world better. Downloading Botify AI MOD for Android is easy and secure, offering a great way to stay connected while having fun!


Botify AI MOD APK Free purchase offers users many exciting features to enhance their digital experiences. The possibilities are endless, from engaging in chat conversations with an AI-powered character to creating their digital human. The ability to participate in bot2bot chat battles adds an element of competition and excitement, while the option to prank friends with high-quality deep fakes adds a touch of humor.

The unlimited roleplay feature also allows users to explore different scenarios and immerse themselves in virtual worlds. Take advantage of this innovative app – download Botify AI MOD APK today and unlock a new level of interactive entertainment.


Q. What is Botify AI?

Botify AI is an innovative application that allows users to interact with AI-powered characters, including real people, fictional characters, and custom-created digital humans. Users can chat, personalize characters, engage in roleplay, and more.

Q. What is "bot2bot chat battles" in Botify AI MOD APK?

Bot2bot chat battles allow users to pit their AI characters against each other in chat interactions. It's a fun way to see whose AI is more advanced or entertaining.

Q. Is there a limit to the roleplay options in Botify AI Pro app?

Botify AI offers unlimited roleplay options, including an ERP (Emotion, Roleplay, and Personalization) mode, allowing users to explore a wide range of scenarios and interactions.

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