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Chicken Gun MOD APK 4.0.2 (Unlimited Money) For Android

Android Android 5.0Action
4.7 ( 254 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Chicken Gun MOD APK
Publisher ChaloApps
Genre Action
Size 561 MB
Version 4.0.2
Update March 4, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money
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Chicken Gun MOD APK is the most famous version in the Chicken Gun MOD APK series of publisher ChaloApps
Mod Version 4.0.2
Total installs 50,000,000+

Unlimited Fuel
Unlimited Money
Free Shop
God Mode

Chicken Gun MOD APK is an action-packed shooting game that allows players to engage in thrilling battles as armed chickens. The Game’s strategic depth and captivating gameplay immerse players for hours. With its unique concept and meticulous attention to detail, Chicken Gun offers a refreshing twist on mobile gaming.

In this Game, players are challenged to save a group of chickens from various dangerous situations by using a gun that shoots different types of ammunition. The objective is to strategically aim and shoot at obstacles, such as blocks, ropes, and platforms, to create a safe path for the chickens to reach their destination.

Chicken Gun APK MOD

With each level presenting new challenges and obstacles, players must employ their problem-solving skills and accuracy to complete each stage successfully. The Game features vibrant graphics, intuitive controls, and a wide range of levels with increasing difficulty, ensuring hours of engaging gameplay. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore puzzle enthusiast, the Chicken Gun Game offers a fun and addictive experience for players of all ages.

Gameplay of the Chicken Gun MOD APK Unlimited Money

In the Chicken Gun mod menu, players are immersed in a captivating experience combining shooting and puzzle-solving elements. The objective is to rescue a group of chickens using a specialized gun that shoots different types of ammunition.

Each level presents a unique challenge, with increasingly complex obstacles and limited ammunition arrangements. Players must carefully consider their shots, as accuracy and efficiency are essential to completing each stage. As the Game progresses, new types of ammunition and obstacles are introduced, adding more depth and variety.

Chicken Gun Game

The Game features intuitive controls that allow players to aim and shoot precisely. With its engaging gameplay mechanics, vibrant visuals, and progressively difficult levels, the Chicken Gun Game offers an addictive and entertaining experience for players seeking a mix of strategy, shooting, and puzzle-solving in a single package.

Various Game Modes in the Chicken Gun APK Mega Menu

In the Chicken Gun MOD, players can enjoy a variety of exciting game modes that offer unique challenges and gameplay experiences. Some of the popular game modes in Chicken Gun include:

  • Team Deathmatch: Engage in intense battles as two teams of chickens compete against each other to score the most kills within a set time limit. Team coordination and strategy are crucial to come out on top.
  • Survival Mode: Test your skills and endurance in this mode as you face waves of AI-controlled chickens. Survive for as long as possible while eliminating as many enemies as possible. The difficulty increases with each wave, putting your abilities to the test.
  • Capture the Flag: Experience thrilling competitive gameplay as two teams strive to capture each other’s flags while defending their own. Teamwork, communication, and quick thinking are essential for victory.
  • Puzzle Mode: Challenge your problem-solving skills in this mode, where you encounter intricate puzzle levels. Figure out the correct sequence of shots and movements to save the chickens. This mode requires creativity and thinking outside the box.

How to Play Chicken Gun MOD APK Latest Version?

To fully immerse yourself in the world of Chicken Gun action game, it’s essential to have a good understanding of the gameplay mechanics.

The objective of the Game

The objective of Chicken Gun is to engage in intense battles against other players or AI-controlled chickens. The ultimate goal is eliminating as many opponents as possible and leading your team to victory.

Chicken Gun

Controls and Mechanics

Chicken Gun features intuitive controls and mechanics that are easy to grasp but offer a depth of gameplay. Here are some critical aspects of the controls and mechanics:

  • Movement and Aim: Players can control their chickens’ movements using a virtual joystick or on-screen buttons. To aim and shoot, drag your finger across the screen to adjust the crosshair and tap the fire button.
  • Weapon Switching: Chicken Gun provides players with a wide range of weapons, from pistols and shotguns to rocket launchers and sniper rifles. Players can switch between their equipped weapons during battles to adapt to different situations.
  • Special Abilities: Each chicken character in Chicken Gun has unique special abilities that can be activated during battles. These abilities can turn the tide of a fight and provide strategic advantages.

Chicken Gun Premium APK

Customization Options

Customization is a significant aspect of Chicken Gun’s gameplay experience. Players can personalize their chicken characters by changing their appearance, equipping different skins, and unlocking unique accessories through gameplay or in-game purchases.

Multiplayer Battles

One of the highlights of Chicken Gun is its multiplayer mode, where players can engage in battles with opponents worldwide. This adds a competitive element to the Game and allows for thrilling PvP (Player vs. Player) experiences.

Progression System

Chicken Gun’s progression system rewards players with experience points (XP) for participating in battles and completing objectives. As players level up, they unlock new weapons, equipment, and customization options, providing a sense of achievement and progression.

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What are the Exciting Features of Latest Version of Chicken Gun Free Shopping?

Chicken Gun Premium MOD APK may be fictional, but let’s explore some exciting game features involving chickens armed. These features are intended to be heart of chicken gun:

Chicken Gun MOD APK

Customizable Chickens

Players are offered the ability to personalize their chickens uniquely by outfitting them with various accessories. These can range from stylish caps and trendy sneakers to distinctive beaks.

These accessories serve as aesthetic enhancements and empower the chickens with special abilities during battles, thus adding an extra layer of strategy and engagement to the gameplay.

Weapon Selection

The game chicken gun MOD Menu God Mode provides various humorous and fantastical weapons for the chickens to wield. These include beak blasters, feathered grenades, and egg-launching bazookas.

Each weapon possesses distinct effects and strategic advantages. The beak blaster, for instance, can deliver quick-fire attacks while the feathered grenades offer an area effect damage.

Game Modes

  • 5 vs 5 Mode: Engage in team-based battles where players form squads of chickens to compete against one another.
  • Free-for-All: Immerse yourself in a chaotic mode where all chickens are pitted against each other in a battle royale-style competition.

Explosive Eggs

Chickens have the extraordinary ability to lay explosive eggs in some games, providing a unique strategic element for players.

These eggs can be placed tactically to set traps or hurled at adversaries as an offensive strategy. The explosive eggs differ in their blast radii and effects, adding complexity and depth to the gameplay.

Chicken Gun MOD


In the Game, players can discover and collect power-up items scattered throughout the battlefield. These power-ups temporarily enhance the player’s abilities, providing a strategic advantage during battles.

The bonuses include super speed that allows for swift movement across the field, invincibility that offers momentary protection from enemy attacks, and a unique ability to lay golden eggs.

Interactive Environments

Engaging in battles across dynamic and interactive environments provides a thrilling gaming experience. Players have the opportunity to trigger traps, unlock secret passages, or locate hidden weapons that can give them an upper hand against their opponents.

These strategic elements make each battle unique and unpredictable, adding complexity and excitement to the Game.

Unique Chicken Abilities

Different breeds or characters of chickens are endowed with unique abilities. For instance, consider the ninja chicken, a breed with the exceptional ability to turn invisible momentarily.

This capability provides them an advantage, particularly when evading predators or sneaking up on their prey. On the other hand, another breed is the rocket-powered chicken.

Chicken Gun Latest Version

Humorous Sound Effects and Animations

It is recommended to incorporate amusing chicken noises to make the Game more humorous and engaging. These sounds would add fun and unpredictability that could keep players engaged and entertained.

In addition, including comical reactions can further elevate the Game’s humor quotient. Players would find it delightful if their actions prompted entertaining responses from characters or situations within the Game. Furthermore, adding fun animations can significantly enhance the Game’s overall charm.

Leaderboards and Tournaments

Incorporating competitive elements such as leaderboards and regular tournaments can enhance the gaming experience by fostering friendly competition among players.

Leaderboards motivate players to improve their skills and performance, allowing them to compare their progress with others. Regular tournaments, on the other hand, provide an exciting platform for players to showcase their abilities and compete on a higher level.

Story Mode

Embark on an epic quest in a single-player story mode, where your only companion is your armed chicken. Prepare to face various challenges that will test your skills and strategy.

The journey also includes engaging boss battles that will put you on the edge of your seat. This Game is about survival and mastering the art of combat and tactics with the help of your trusty feathered companion.

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Chicken Gun MOD APK

Let’s dive into some tips and tricks that will help you become a formidable player:

  • Strategize with Your Team: Teamwork is crucial for success in multiplayer battles. Communicate with your teammates using in-game chat or voice communication apps to strategize and coordinate attacks effectively.
  • Utilize Explosive Eggs Wisely: Explosive eggs are potent weapons in Chicken Gun MOD APK. Use them strategically to catch opponents off guard or destroy structures that provide cover.
  • Experiment with Different Weapons: With an arsenal of weapons, experiment with combinations to find your preferred playstyle. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, so adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Change the Chicken’s Appearance: Take advantage of the mod menu’s customize options to personalize your chicken character’s appearance. Stand out from the crowd and show off your unique style on the battlefield.
  • Upgrade Your Equipment: As you progress in the Game, earn coins or use the unlimited money feature to upgrade your weapons and equipment. Upgrades enhance your combat abilities, giving you an edge in battles.

Exploring the Premium Features of Chicken Gun Mod APK 4.0.2

The MOD version of Chicken Gun APK unlimited coins offers a range of exciting features that enhance the gaming experience. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features:

  • Unlimited Money and Health: One of the standout features of the modded version is absolute money and health. This allows players to unlock everything they need to gain the upper hand in battles and stay in the Game longer without worrying about health.
  • Mod Menu for Customization Options: The mod menu in Chicken Gun MOD APK provides players with many customization options. From changing the appearance of your chicken character to unlocking special abilities, the mod menu adds an extra layer of fun and personalization to the Game.
  • Free Shopping Feature: The premium version also includes a free shopping feature, allowing players to purchase in-game items without spending real money. This feature enhances gameplay and provides an excellent way to show your progress to friends.
  • Multiplayer Mode for Intense Battles: It introduces a multiplayer mode where players can battle others worldwide. This adds a competitive element to the Game and allows you to test your skills against real players.
  • Explosive Eggs and Arsenal of Weapons: In Chicken Gun, players can use explosive eggs as weapons, adding an element of surprise and strategy to battles. Additionally, the MOD version unlocks an arsenal of weapons ranging from shotguns to rocket launchers,

Download Chicken Gun MOD APK For Android

Chicken Gun MOD APK offers an enhanced gaming experience full of excitement and endless fun. Upgraded weaponry, unlimited resources, and premium options all increase the thrill of this famous chicken battle game.

Engage in a unique, amusing combat experience that keeps you glued to your screen for hours. Don’t wait any longer; install chicken gun MOD APK today and elevate your gaming experience to unparalleled heights!


Q. How do you customize your chicken?

In the game, you can customize your chicken with accessories such as cool caps, sneakers, and stylish beaks. These not only enhance your chicken's appearance but also provide unique abilities during battles.

Q. What kind of weapons are available in Chicken Gun?

Chicken Gun offers a variety of fantastical weapons, including beak blasters, feathered grenades, and egg-launching bazookas. Each weapon has different effects and strategic advantages in battles.

Q. Can chickens lay explosive eggs in the game?

Yes, chickens can lay explosive eggs that can be strategically placed as traps or launched at opponents. These eggs have varying blast radii and effects, adding a strategic element to the gameplay.

Q. Are there different breeds of chickens with unique abilities?

Yes, chickens with different breeds or characters have unique abilities. For example, a ninja chicken might briefly turn invisible, and a rocket-powered chicken might have the ability to fly short distances.

Q. Is Chicken Gun available on multiple platforms?

As of now, Chicken Gun is primarily designed for mobile platforms, and you can find it on the respective app stores for iOS and Android devices.

Q. Is Chicken Gun suitable for all ages?

Yes, Chicken Gun is designed to be a lighthearted and entertaining game suitable for players of all ages. It features humor and fun gameplay without promoting violence

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