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IndyCall MOD APK v1.16.63 (Unlimited Minutes) For Android

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Name IndyCall MOD APK
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Version 1.16.63
Update February 7, 2024
MOD Unlimited Minutes
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IndyCall MOD APK is the most famous version in the IndyCall MOD APK series of publisher Indycall
Mod Version 1.16.63
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Unlimited Credits
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IndyCall MOD APK is a mobile application that allows users to make phone calls without using regular phone credits or payments. The app is helpful for individuals who want to save money on international or long-distance phone calls.

With IndyCallAPK, users can make unlimited calls to any mobile or landline number across the globe without worrying about expensive charges. The app employs a simple and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to many users. IndyCall can provide a cost-effective call solution, allowing users to stay connected with their friends and family without breaking the bank.

IndyCall MOD APK

Whether you’re a frequent traveller, an expatriate, or just someone looking to stay in touch with loved ones, IndyCall app is the solution you’ve been searching for. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – download the app now and start making free phone calls to India today.

How does IndyCall MOD APK Unlimited Minutes work?

IndyCall Premium MOD APK is a calling app that allows users to make free international calls by watching ads. Users can select a contact from their phone book or manually dial a number within the app. Before the call connects, an advertisement will play, offering the service for free. Once the ad ends, users can close it to proceed with the call.


This innovative approach to making calls has allowed users to save money on international calls while still staying connected with friends and family around the globe. IndyCall provides a convenient and cost-effective way to make calls, especially for those who frequently communicate with contacts in different countries.

With the option to watch an advertisement in exchange for a free call, IndyCall has made it easier for users to stay connected without the burden of expensive international calling rates.

Earn IndyMinutes for Free With Latest Version of Indycall

Users can earn IndyMinutes for free by completing tasks or surveys provided by advertisers within the Indycall Pro app. By tapping on the “Free Minutes” button in the Get Minutes tab, users can explore options to earn IndyMinutes without spending money.

IndyCall Pro App

These tasks may include watching promotional videos, downloading and using specific apps, or providing feedback on products and services. Users can also participate in surveys to earn IndyMinutes, which can be redeemed for rewards such as free calls, texts, and data.

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What are the Exceptional Features of IndyCall APK Unlimited Money?

Here are some exciting features of IndyCall:

IndyCall MOD

Free Calling

IndyCall Pro APK is an innovative service that enables users to make phone calls without the need for traditional phone credits, bills, or payments. Unlike conventional communication methods, this platform offers a free calling service that operates through the support of advertisements.

This unique feature eliminates the financial burden of making phone calls and provides a cost-free solution for users worldwide.

Ad-Supported Model

The application operates based on an ad-supported model, displaying advertisements before connecting calls. These advertisements serve as a source of revenue for the app’s maintenance and development.

However, users can close these ads to proceed with their intended calls. This feature ensures that advertisements do not significantly hamper the user experience.

Advertisement Removal with IndyMinutes

Users are given the flexibility to eliminate advertisements within the app by either earning or buying IndyMinutes. These IndyMinutes can be acquired by fulfilling specific tasks or participating in surveys that our advertising partners offer.

This unique feature provides a user-friendly experience, allowing users to engage with the app without advertising disruptions.

IndyCall Download

No Need for Credit Cards

Users can now make calls without the necessity of credit cards or any other payment methods. The application introduces an innovative way for users to make a call without engaging in financial transactions.

This alternative method presents a unique and efficient communication solution that eliminates the typical monetary constraints of making calls.

Contact Selection or Manual Dialing

Users can select contacts directly from their phone’s address book within the app, enhancing the ease of making calls.

Additionally, users can manually dial numbers if the contact is not saved in the address book. Both features ensure users’ smooth and efficient calling experience within the application.

Temporary Caller ID

IndyCall Premium APK operates by assigning temporary numbers that appear as the caller ID when making calls through the app. These numbers are exclusively used for the duration of the call and do not act as a permanent caller ID.

This process ensures user privacy and seamless communication during calls via the IndyCall application.

IndyCall APK

International Calling

The Indycall free calling app offers the feature of making international calls, enabling users to reach out to their contacts situated in different countries across the globe. It’s important to note, though, that the duration and availability of these calls may differ depending on the location.

This variability is due to differences in network connectivity and regulations in different regions.

User-Friendly Interface

IndyCall MOD version provides a straightforward and user-friendly interface that enhances ease of use. This design allows users to navigate the app effortlessly and initiate calls without experiencing any difficulties.

The simplicity of its operation eliminates complexities, ensuring a seamless communication experience for all users.

IndyCall App

Call Duration Limit Display

The application provides a feature that shows the call duration limit each time a number is dialled. This indicates the maximum time for the call to be made free of charge.

The limit is calculated based on factors like the user’s location and the dialled number.

Pros and Cons of IndyCall APK Download


  • IndyCall allows users to make free calls to any landline or mobile number in India, which can help save on communication costs.
  • The application’s user interface is simple and easy to navigate, making it accessible to people of all tech-savviness levels.
  • It does not require the recipient to have the app installed; you can call any phone number directly.
  • It offers good voice call quality, ensuring clear and effective communication.
  • The app provides a certain amount of free credits daily through various tasks like watching ads.


  • Ads frequently appear during app usage, which may be bothersome for some users.
  • Call drops or connectivity issues can sometimes occur due to poor internet connection or server problems from the app’s side.
  • There is a limit on free call duration per day unless you purchase additional credits or watch ads for more time.
  • Although it claims to offer unlimited free calls, this is only true if you earn enough credits by watching advertisements or buying them outright.
  • Some users have reported that customer service response time can be slow when reporting issues with the app or querying about its features and functions.

Download IndyCall MOD APK For Android

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to make international calls, then IndyCall premium version for Android is the perfect solution. The app offers enhanced features and capabilities, allowing you to make high-quality calls to any country without restrictions. With IndyCall, you can enjoy unlimited calling to over 150 countries free of charge.

The app also has a user-friendly interface and easy navigation, making it a breeze. To get your hands on this fantastic app, download it from This trusted website offers a safe and secure platform for downloading the app, ensuring you can start making international calls quickly. So don’t delay any longer; download IndyCall MOD APK for Android and stay connected with your loved ones across the globe!


IndyCall APK MOD is a communication app provides a powerful platform for individuals seeking an efficient and cost-effective way to connect with people globally. Its unparalleled features, like unlimited calling minutes, user-friendly interface, and ad-free experience, set it apart from other communication applications.

Users can enjoy superior voice quality without worrying about costly charges or complex procedures. It is indeed a revolutionary tool that redefines the notion of international communication. Download the IndyCall MOD APK and experience seamless global connectivity right at their fingertips.


Q. Is IndyCall MOD APK completely free to use?

Yes, IndyCall allows users to make calls without requiring money, credit cards, or bill payments.

Q. What is the temporary Indycall number used for making calls?

IndyCall utilizes temporary numbers as the caller ID when making calls through the app. These numbers are not permanent and are used solely for the duration of the call.

Q. Is IndyCall available for international calls?

IndyCall allows users to make calls internationally; however, call duration and availability might vary based on the user's location and the destination of the call.

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