Infinite Painter MOD APK

Infinite Painter MOD APK 7.0.58 (Premium Unlocked) Android

v7.0.58 by Infinite Studio LLC
Name Infinite Painter MOD APK Infinite Painter MOD APK is the most famous version in the Infinite Painter MOD APK series of publisher Infinite Studio LLC
Publisher Infinite Studio LLC
Genre Art & Design
Size 84 MB
Version 7.0.58
Update February 15, 2024
MOD Pro Unlocked
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Infinite Painter MOD APK is a comprehensive and potent android tool that has revolutionized the digital painting industry. This application by Infinite Studio LLC features top-tier pencils that enable precise control and shading. Its simple and user-friendly interface allows users to draw professional results quickly.

Infinite Painter MOD APK

It has a clean canvas design that provides more canvas space, leaving your screen with less clutter. This enables you to concentrate solely on your artwork without being distracted by extraneous buttons or menus. The minimalist design also ensures the android app runs without lagging or crashing on any device.

The Infinite Painter toolset includes different brushes, pens, and other instruments that make it simple to create stunning artwork. This unlocked app has everything you need to bring your vision to life, whether you’re an experienced artist looking for something new or a beginner just starting in digital art.

What does Latest version of Infinite Painter MOD APK 7.0.58 do?

Infinite Painter MOD APK provides different tools and functions that enable artists to maximize their available space. Its top bar offers easy access to painting and drawing equipments, multiple brushes, seamless patterns, advanced features, and many others, allowing users to create unique works of art effortlessly. The Infinite Painter application provides brush presets and painting tools, making its powerful features accessible to any artist.

Infinite Painter APK

Thanks to Infinite Painter’s innovative tools and complete layer system, users can quickly switch between paint elements, such as brush sizes and colors. In addition, the android device app also gives users control over their brush strokes, allowing them to recreate paintings with subtle textures and liquify. Using Infinite Studio, anyone from a novice to an expert can create seamless artwork with these features.

Superior Brush Import and Export – Download Infinite Painter APK (MOD Features)

The “REIMAGINING BRUSHES” features included in the Infinite Painter can be extremely useful for digital artists. The application includes hundreds of brushes, giving artists a wide variety of options to choose from and experiment with. Realistic interaction between brush and canvas ensures that the interaction between brush and canvas feels natural and realistic. Additionally, over 100 customizable brush settings allow artists to tailor their brushes to their preferences and requirements.

Additionally, the app enables artists to organize and share their preferred brushes and brush sets, making it simple to access and share their preferred tools with other artists. The application is also optimized for stylus devices with full support for pressure and tilt, giving artists a more natural and intuitive experience. The app permits the import and export of custom brushes and brush sets, making it simple to transfer settings between devices or to share with other artists. Artists who use the Infinite Painter APK Premium will find that these features make the creation of digital art more seamless and efficient.

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What Exceptional  Features of the Infinite Painter MOD APK v7.0.58 helps artists Create Their Masterpieces?

Infinite Painter is a versatile drawing and painting app that offers a variety of tools and features to help artists of all skill levels create amazing artwork on their mobile devices. Its user-friendly interface and robust set of pattern tools make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking to express their creativity. Infinite Painter offers some of the key characteristics listed below :

Robust Brush and Brush Stroke Feature

The Infinite painter MOD version offers artists with a dynamic drawing and editing platform unlike any other. Thanks to the hundreds of built-in brushes and customizable brush settings, artists can immerse themselves in a world of realistic brush-to-canvas interaction with full support for pressure and tilt.

This tool’s powerful features allow artists to apply real-time color adjustments and live effects to any brush, giving them limitless opportunities to experiment while creating masterpieces. It enables users to convert brush tips into editable shapes on their PSD layers, which is essential when using various drawing tools.

Infinite Painter App

Customizable and Intuitive Interface

Infinite Painter apk file is a great digital painting application that provides artists of all skill levels with a customizable and user-friendly interface. The app’s interface is easily adaptable to the user’s preferences and workflow due to the systematic arrangement of its premium tools, new brushes, and features. You can take a quick access to everything you require without going through unnecessary menus or options.

The app’s user-friendly interface makes it effortless for amateurs and experts to create stunning artwork. The app’s oil paintbrushes, airbrushes, and charcoal brushes are designed to simulate real-world tools accurately.

Infinite Painter Premium APK

Time-Saving Workflow Features

The Time-Saving Feature in Infinite Painter enables users to maximize their productivity and save time with various time-saving tools and features. By pinning frequently used tools and actions to the main interface, users can access them quickly and easily, streamlining their workflow and increasing their productivity.

Additionally, this apk version supports using multiple reference images and has a lightning-fast saving and loading feature, making switching between images effortless and uncomplicated. The Project History function enables users to quickly return to a previous stage of their work if they wish to retrace their steps.

Infinite Painter Pro APK

Diverse Tools for Artistic Expression

In the realm of digital art, having access to a variety of tools is essential for expressing your creativity and achieving your goals. In this case, Infinite Painter comes into play. This powerful application offers an impressive array of tools to help artists realize their visions.

Infinite Painter MOD APK provides customizable advanced tools that enable the creation of gradients, lines, textured effects, and abstract designs. You can also experiment with various paint modes, such as smear, wet blend, and scatter, to create an impact that matches your aesthetic.

Infinite Painter Premium Unlocked

Perspective Design and Editing Features

Perspective designs make it incredibly easy to create art with a brand-new level of realism. With five distinct perspective guides, it is possible to design 3D cityscapes as never before. With an isometric perspective, you can also drag rectangle and circle shapes in view to create game art.

And the Canvas Preview with flip and grayscale enables you to examine proportions and values until your work is complete. With Infinite Painter latest version, you have limitless creative potential!

Pixel-Perfect Editing Tool

Infinite Painter Pro app is a robust, pixel-perfect editing tool that has gained worldwide popularity among artists and designers. Its seamless pattern projects and industry-leading transformations make it a remarkable digital art tool, allowing creators to refine their artwork to an unrivaled degree of precision.

The gradient and pattern fill tools to add an extra dimension to the designs by allowing for separate layer or all-layer serve, thereby allowing for the most significant degree of creative freedom. The artistic and photo cloning tools, in addition to the pattern creation tools, offer limitless opportunities for experimentation and creativity.

Infinite Painter Latest Version

Powerful Creative Tool

Layer support is an integral component of digital design and image editing. Thanks to the latest software updates, designers and photographers can now utilize 30 blend modes and masks for layers, adjustments, and groups. These new features provide great flexibility in image editing, graphic design, and layout creation. User can import and export their arts in the app.

Blend modes enable android users to combine multiple layers in various ways to produce unique effects. Graphic designers heavily utilize this feature to create visually arresting, intricate compositions. With 30 blend manners available, designers can experiment with various combinations until the desired effect is achieved.

Download Infinite Painter MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) For Android

The Infinite Painter Mod APK is an essential app for digital art enthusiasts. Its numerous unique and interesting tools enable users of all drawing skill levels to create stunning works of art. The app’s art features include a variety of beautiful brushes, symmetry experiences, and other tools that enable users to draw precisely and with ease.

It is designed to provide a comprehensive art experience, and with its many useful features, it is simple to experience unique painting and drawing opportunities. The most recent version of Infinite Painter is an indispensable tool for artists and hobbyists seeking to take their work to the next level.


Q. How many built-in brushes does Infinite Painter MOD APK have?

It comes with hundreds of built-in brushes, allowing users to choose from a wide range of options for their artwork.

Q. How many layers does Infinite Painter premium APK support?

The number of layers in Infinite Painter APK depends on the canvas size and the user's device. The app offers up to HD canvas sizes and layers for its pro version.

Q. Can I share my artwork created on Infinite Painter Pro app with others?

It allows users to share their artwork with its ever-growing community by exporting images as JPG, PNG, WEBP, ZIP, layered PSD files, or Painter projects.

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