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Lifting Hero MOD APK 45.0.0 (Unlimited Money/Gem)

v45.0.0 by Rollic Games
Name Lifting Hero MOD APK Lifting Hero MOD APK is the most famous version in the Lifting Hero MOD APK series of publisher Rollic Games
Publisher Rollic Games
Genre Casual
Size 106 MB
Version 45.0.0
Update May 8, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money
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Unlimited Gem
Unlimited Money

Lifting Hero MOD APK is an exciting mobile game where players take on the role of a weightlifting hero and aim to lift increasingly heavy objects to become the strongest Hero in the virtual world. Are you ready to become a giant by lifting weights? Start with small weights, and you’ll lift faster with every click. Develop your muscles, sell the muscle you gained and buy new objects to lift even more weights.

Lifting Hero MOD APK

As you progress, reach for the biggest objects and become the ultimate weightlifting champion. With Lifting Hero, you can customize your character, compete against others and show off your strength! So why wait? Download Lifting Hero MOD APK and begin your journey to becoming a weightlifting champion.

You can also compete against other players online and see who’s the strongest Hero! The game features realistic physics-based mechanics that make lifting objects feel realistic. It also has various challenges and levels that will keep you returning for more! So, if you’re looking for an action-packed weightlifting adventure, the Lifting Hero game is the perfect choice.

What are Attractive Gameplay Lifting Hero MOD APK (Unlimited Money)?

Lifting Hero MOD APK is a fun and exciting game to download. The game’s goal is to lift heavier objects by tapping on the screen. As you lift an object, you earn points to help you advance in the game. You can also compete with other players to see who can lift the heaviest objects and beat their score.

Lifting Hero MOD

It allows players to build their virtual muscles by lifting various objects. Players can earn high scores, progress through different levels, and compete with other players from around the world. Additionally, players can unlock achievements as they make their way through the game.

The background is a vibrant city, and the weights are nicely illustrated, ranging from dumbbells to barbells. As you progress in the game, the concept of ‘rising’ comes into play, as you gradually rise above the city as you become stronger. This gives you an aerial view of the city, creating an immersive experience. The gameplay is exciting as it tests your strength and agility while giving you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you achieve each level. With its enthralling visuals and engaging concept, Attractive Gameplay Lifting Hero MOD APK will surely capture your attention!

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What are the Interesting Features of the Latest Version of Lifting Hero Premium APK?

“Lifting Hero” offers several interesting features, making it an engaging and addictive mobile game. Here are some of the key features that players can enjoy:

Lifting Hero Pro APK

Progressive Challenge

The lifting hero MOD APK offers players a unique and engaging experience by starting with simple weights and gradually introducing more challenging and creative lifting objects.

This progressive approach ensures that players are constantly motivated and engaged as they strive to level up and conquer new obstacles.

Lifting Hero Apk Mod

Variety of Objects

Lifting Hero Game provides a diverse range of objects for players to lift, encompassing traditional weights and imaginative, fantastical items. This wide variety adds an element of excitement and surprise to the gameplay experience.

Players can expect the unexpected as they encounter objects beyond the norm, enhancing their overall enjoyment and engagement with the game.

Multiplayer Mode

In the game, players can engage in multiplayer modes where they can compete with friends and players from different parts of the world.

This social aspect of the game adds a competitive edge and encourages a sense of friendly rivalry among participants.

Lifting Hero

Power-Ups and Abilities

In the Lifting Hero Premium APK, as players progress and level up, they can unlock various power-ups and special abilities. These enhancements are crucial in assisting players to lift heavier objects within the game efficiently.

By strategically utilizing these upgrades, players can enhance their gameplay experience and find new ways to overcome challenges.

Achievements and Rewards

The game incorporates a system of achievements and rewards to keep players engaged and motivated. Players can unlock various achievements and receive corresponding rewards by accomplishing specific milestones.

These incentives serve as a driving force for players to continue playing and strive towards achieving more in the game.

Lifting Hero Premium APK

Customization Options

In this Lifting Hero Pro MOD APK, players can customize their lifting Hero with a wide range of outfits, accessories, and skins. This aspect of personalization not only adds a fun and enjoyable element to the game but also encourages players to express their creativity.

Whether choosing a unique outfit or applying different skins, the ability to customize enhances the overall gaming experience and allows players to make their lifting hero their own.


Lifting Hero offers leaderboards to its players, allowing them to track and compare their performance with others easily. This feature promotes a healthy sense of competition among the players and motivates them to work towards improving their skills.

By constantly monitoring their rankings on the leaderboard, players are encouraged to push themselves further, ultimately leading to better overall performance in their lifting journey.

Lifting Hero Latest Version

Offline Play

The Lifting Hero APK MOD offers offline modes that allow players to practice and enjoy the game without requiring an internet connection. This feature allows players to engage in the gameplay at their convenience, whether they are travelling or prefer to play offline.

By offering offline modes, the game ensures that players can still fully immerse themselves in the gaming experience and make progress even when internet access is not available.


Lifting Hero is a highly accessible game that can be downloaded and played for free, catering to many players. The developers have ensured the game is easily accessible, allowing a large audience to enjoy its exciting features.

Whether you are a casual gamer or enjoy more intense gameplay, Lifting Hero offers an inclusive experience.

Lifting Hero Game

Engaging Graphics and Sound

Lifting Hero Unlimited Money stands out for its captivating visuals, boasting a vibrant, eye-catching aesthetic that engages players. The game’s graphics are designed to be visually appealing, drawing gamers into a world of bold colours and stunning detail.

Furthermore, the immersive sound effects and music take the gaming experience to new heights, creating an atmosphere that fully envelops players in the virtual world of Lifting Hero.

Easy-to-Learn Controls

The game ensures that players of all skill levels can easily navigate and interact with it by providing intuitive and straightforward touch or tap controls.

This accessibility feature allows beginners to quickly grasp the mechanics and enjoy the gameplay without feeling overwhelmed. By keeping the controls simple, the game promotes a user-friendly experience for everyone, regardless of their gaming expertise.

Lifting Hero Download

Lift Weights, Compete, Triumph: Your Journey in Lifting Hero APK

Lifting Hero game is an immersive experience that brings the challenge of weightlifting to life. Through this game, you’ll get the opportunity to compete against other players and reach your personal best. You can customize your character, choose from various weights and exercises, and track your progress as you battle it out with other competitors.

The game features realistic graphics and sound effects for an immersive experience that encouraging physical fitness and competition. As you progress through the levels and gain more experience with lifting, you will be able to unlock new achievements and become a true lifting hero!

Download Lifting Hero MOD APK For Android 2024

Ever dreamt of becoming a weightlifting hero? Well, here’s your chance! With the Lifting Hero MOD APK game, you can step into the shoes of a weightlifting hero, lifting heavier objects with each level you conquer. This game may be virtual, but the feeling of achievement is very real! It’s not just about brute strength; it requires strategy and determination.

So, are you ready to challenge yourself and become the strongest Hero in the virtual world? Give it a try, flex those muscles, and remember – every weight lifted is a step closer to ultimate strength and glory!


Q. What is Lifting Hero Game?

Lifting Hero is an exciting mobile game where players take on the role of a weightlifting hero and aim to lift increasingly heavy objects to become the strongest hero in the virtual world.

Q, What types of objects can I lift in the game?

Lifting Hero offers a wide variety of objects to lift, ranging from small weights to gigantic and fantastical items. As you progress, you'll encounter increasingly challenging and creative objects to lift.

Q. Can I compete with other players in Lifting Hero MOD APAK?

Absolutely! Lifting Hero features multiplayer modes where you can compete with friends or other players from around the world. Challenge others to see who can lift the most and earn bragging rights.

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