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Mivi MOD APK 2.35.762 (Premium Unlocked) For Android

v2.35.762 by Music Video Studio
Name Mivi MOD APK Mivi MOD APK is the most famous version in the Mivi MOD APK series of publisher Music Video Studio
Publisher Music Video Studio
Genre Video Players & Editors
Size 125 MB
Version 2.35.762
Update April 9, 2024
MOD Premium Unlocked
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Mivi MOD APK is a revolutionary app that has changed how people create music videos. With this app, it has never been simpler to make music videos. Upload your photos and select your desired music, and Mivi will handle the rest. The application includes tools for creating stunning videos from your photos. These consist of filters, themes, and special effects that distinguish your video. Why then wait? Download Mivi MOD APK now to elevate your video editing abilities to new heights!


It is one of the most effective video creation applications. It enables users to convert their favorite photos into artistic and creative videos effortlessly. This application allows you to add magical effects and background music to your videos, making them more entertaining. The Mivi MOD APK’s personalized music video feature enables users to create videos with customized soundtracks.

With the magical effects feature of Mivi APK, users can quickly transform ordinary videos into engaging and captivating content. The application provides a variety of filters and effects that bring your video to life by enhancing its visual appeal. Users can select from numerous emojis, stickers including hearts, stars, and even unicorns! The application also provides a variety of angel wing overlays that allow users to add angelic wings to their photographs.

How does Mivi MOD APK Work?

The revolutionary Mivi MOD app has taken the world of music videos by storm. It is a potent tool for professionals and amateurs who wish to produce high-quality videos. This application provides users with a vast array of features and tools that make it simple to create visually stunning music videos with a few clicks.

Mivi MOD

The Mivi APK allows users to select photos from their device’s gallery and select a template to create a music video. After choosing a template, users can personalize their videos by adding background music, text, and special effects. The Mivi APK provides a selection of templates, filters, text styles, and effects, and users can also customize fonts, colours, sizes, positions, and alignments to make their videos distinctive. After creating a video, users can export it in high resolution and share it on social media sites.

Mivi APK has an intuitive interface. This application makes it simple to create high-quality music videos in minutes, even if you have yet to gain experience with video editing.

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What are the available Templates on Mivi APK, and How do I Choose one?

Mivi APK is an app for creating music videos that have taken the world by storm. It provides a variety of templates, making it simple for users to create stunning music videos within minutes. Mivi APK delivers a collection of over 100 distinct video templates for creating impressive videos. The available templates cover many topics, including Film 3D, Parallax, and Magic FX.

With the feature of transforming your photos into cool music videos with a single click, you can quickly transform your memorable photos into captivating videos. The app’s templates are regularly updated to reflect the latest fashion trends. The application’s user-friendly interface allows you to efficiently select a template corresponding to your preferences and requirements. Download the app immediately and enjoy your video editing experience with the Mivi APK templates.

What are the Unique Features of Mivi MOD APK 2.35.762 Latest Version?

Mivi Premium APK is a music video creator and editor enabling users to create customized music videos using photos. Here are some of Mivi APK’s features:

Mivi MOD APK Download

Advance Video Editing

Mivi MOD APK is a music video studio app that will enhance your video editing skills. Using its advanced features, you can create stunning visuals and add soundtracks to your videos. This app provides various simple-to-use video editing tools, so you do not need specialized knowledge or skills.

By using mivi, users can add music and sound effects to their videos. The application includes a collection of royalty-free music tracks. You can also import music from your device’s library, giving you more options for creating the ideal soundtrack for your videos. Download Mivi Pro APK immediately to edit your memories!

Mivi APK (premium unlocked) is a video creator and editor that has recently taken the digital world by storm. This app is ideal for creating high-quality videos in a few simple steps, as it has a user-friendly interface and many features.
Whether you are an influencer, content creator, or social media enthusiast, Mivi APK provides various tools to help you realize your goals.

Filters & Effects

Mivi APK is an best video maker tool that provides a variety of filters and effects to make your edit videos stand out. The cartoon filter is among the most popular filters in the latest version of Mivi APK. This filter gives your pictures and videos an original appearance by transforming them into images resembling cartoons. The super pop filter is a favourite among Instagram users because it adds vibrant colours to photos and videos, making them more captivating than ever.

The neon, spiral, wings, emoji, and heart filters are additional exciting Mivi APK options. With its extensive library of magical effects, which includes lightning, flying butterflies, and more, you can transform your ordinary photographs into stunning works of art with a few clicks.

Mivi MOD Download

Mivi application lets you easily select from various musical options that pique your interest. You can choose from multiple effects and filters to make your videos more appealing and captivating.

Numerous features within the application enable users to modify their videos in multiple ways. Whether you want to add music to a promotional video or share a funny moment with your friends, the Mivi app has everything you need to create the ideal video.

Add Text

The Mivi app has revolutionized how we text video messages. With more than 100 animated text styles, users can add a previously impossible creative touch to their videos. The application provides a comprehensive library of fonts, colours, sizes, positions, and alignments that can be modified based on the user’s preferences.

Mivi allows allows users to select a video from their gallery or record one on the go. Once chosen, they can select an animation style for their text and customize it to their specifications. There is something for everyone, from subtle fades and transitions to powerful explosions.


The Mivi Pro application is an excellent tool for altering the background of any image or video. This application allows you to easily blur the background and replace it with a new one, giving your photos and videos a new look. The best aspect is that the procedure is quick and straightforward.

Videos can also be blurred with Mivi Pro’s blur tool, which is yet another of its great features. You can now create breathtaking videos with blurred backgrounds using only your smartphone!


The Mivi Pro application is a potent tool that enables you to export your high-quality video stories, making them appear stunning and professional. With the ability to save in resolutions up to 4K, you can ensure that your videos will appear flawless on any device.

You can share your stunning artwork on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms using the Mivi Pro app. The application offers seamless integration with popular social media sites, allowing you to share videos directly from within the application.


User-Friendly Interface

The mini MOD APK is an intuitive application that enables users to create music and status videos. With its user-friendly interface, users can select from various templates and customization options to personalize their creations.

The music video editor enables users to add their favourite songs to videos and edit them to create a visually stunning experience. The status video maker feature allows users to create and share short, engaging videos on their social media profiles.

Why Download Mivi MOD APK Latest Version For Android Devices?

Download the latest Mivi MOD APK for Android to enjoy a fantastic music video editor. With Mivi, you can edit your favourite music videos like a pro, adding stunning effects and transitions to create captivating content that is truly unique. Mivi is the ideal application for content creators, vloggers, and social media enthusiasts. Its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and customization options enable you to produce videos that stand out.

In addition, Mivi APK MOD provides access to premium editing tools, filters, and effects.It is the way to take your video editing skills to the next level. Take your time; download it immediately!

Mivi Music Video Maker MOD APK – Provide Premium Features For Free

Mivi MOD APK provides several premium features at no cost to users. Here are some of Mivi APK’s premium features:

Mivi MOD APK Latest

  • No Ads

Mivi APK enables users to create music videos without interruptions.

  • Unlimited Access to Templates

With Mivi APK’s pro version, users can access all templates, including the newest and most popular ones.

  • Export Videos in 4K

The pro version of Mivi APK enables users to export videos in 4K resolution, enhancing video quality and clarity.

  • Advanced Text Editing

Mivi APK Pro offers more fonts, styles, sizes, and advanced text editing options.

  • Premium Effects

The Mivi APK pro version includes additional premium effects like lightning and flying butterflies.

  • Priority Support

Mivi APK pro users have access to priority support, meaning that any issues or questions will be resolved expeditiously.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a music video editor, Mivi MOD APK is an excellent option. This user-friendly and intuitive application allows you to create high-quality videos with minimal effort. It features an intuitive interface and advanced editing tools that will enable you to personalize your creations.

Mivi  APK is, without a doubt, one of the best music video editors currently available. Now is the time to download the app, take advantage of its fantastic features, and create incredible music videos.


Q. What kind of templates does Mivi MOD APK offer?

It offers over 100 unique templates, including Film 3D, Parallax, Magic FX, and more.

Q. Can I add text to my videos using Mivi MOD APK?

Yes, Mivi APK offers more than 100 animated text styles, with options to customize fonts, colors, sizes, positions, alignments, and more.

Q. What kind of filters can I use in Mivi Pro APK?

It offers high-quality filters perfect for any picture, with cartoon filters also available to make your photos cartoon.

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