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WaStat MOD APK is the most famous version in the WaStat MOD APK series of publisher Peanut Butter Inc.
Mod Version 1.74
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WaStat MOD APK is the best WhatsApp online status-tracking app. It’s an application that allows you to monitor another user’s WhatsApp activity without their knowledge. This app is ideal for parents who wish to monitor their children or employers who want to ensure their employees are working and not wasting time on WhatsApp.


With WaStat APK, it is simple to determine when a contact was last online, for how long, and when they went offline. Additionally, the app provides detailed reports of your contacts’ daily WhatsApp usage. It is simple to view daily, weekly, and monthly statistics.

WaStat Premium APK is a mobile application that allows you to monitor up to 10 WhatsApp profiles simultaneously. With its user-friendly interface, you can watch the activities of all selected shapes. Additionally, the app sends notifications whenever the individual comes online, making it easier to stay informed. Wastat MOD APK v1.74 is worth a look if you’re looking for an efficient way to monitor multiple WhatsApp profiles simultaneously. Why then wait? Download WaStat immediately to take charge of your WhatsApp monitoring!

How does Wastat – Whatsapp Tracker MOD APK Work?

Wastat: Whatsapp Tracker MOD APK v1.74 is an application that allows you to track the WhatsApp activity of your contacts. This application is designed to help you monitor the online status of your friends and family, even if they have concealed their online status.

Once the Wastat app has been downloaded and installed, you can view the time online and offline status of the individuals you monitor. In addition, the app allows you to view the last seen status of the individuals you are tracking and receive alerts when they are online. Following the activity of particular contacts, including the messages they send and receive, is also possible. All this information is presented in an easily digestible format within the application.

WaStat APK

WaStat APK collects and analyzes thirty days’ worth of online statistics. It gathers information regarding the length of online sessions, the frequency of activity, and other pertinent metrics. The application provides charts and graphs to help you comprehend your own and your contacts’ online habits. It gives the option to receive notifications when a WhatsApp contact comes online. This feature keeps you informed and up-to-date on the online status of specific contacts in real time.

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Why Should Download and Use the Wastat App (Premium Unlocked)?

It can be challenging to limit the time spent on social networks and messaging apps in the digital age. Frequently, we find ourselves drowning in an ocean of notifications and messages. Now, an application can track your online activity and hold you accountable for the amount of time you spend on social media. This app is known as Wastat.

WaStat MOD

As a concerned parent, you likely do not want your children to waste time on meaningless activities. Here, the WaStat application comes in handy. You will find this application to be beneficial. Its time-tracking function can monitor all activities, including WhatsApp Messenger use. This enables you to monitor your children’s online activities and ensure they do not spend excessive time on WhatsApp. This information is displayed in a convenient clock view, so you can see how much time your children spend on WhatsApp daily. Additionally, the app allows you to view charts depicting the last thirty days’ statistics.

What are Amazing Features of MOD Version of Wastat Whatsapp Tracker 1.74?

WaStat Premium MOD APK offers a variety of premium tracking features designed to help users effectively track and analyze WhatsApp online status. Here are some of its additional features:


Online Last Seen Time

Are you curious about the last time your WhatsApp contacts were active? Do you frequently check their online status to determine whether they can chat? The wasat APK is your only option.

This application displays the last seen time of your WhatsApp contacts, allowing you to determine when they were most recently active on the platform. With wastat APK MOD, you can easily monitor your friends’ availability and commitments without contacting them repeatedly.

Clock View for Time Intervals

The WaStat WhatsApp Tracker MOD APK includes a potent Clock View for Time Intervals feature. This feature allows you to visualize the time periods your contacts were online quickly. The intuitive depiction of their activity patterns facilitates a quick and straightforward comprehension of their online durations.

This is particularly useful for people who wish to monitor their contacts and comprehend their online behavior. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of the online activity of your contact, making it easier to track their movements on WhatsApp.

Online Stats Analysis

Wastat Premium APK is an tracking tool for gathering and analyzing online statistics. It permits users to monitor their usage patterns and contacts over the previous 30 days. Presenting these data in charts and graphs has never been easier than with APK’s handy clock view.

The app is intuitive and lets users gain insight into their online behavior, allowing them to manage their time more effectively. With this application, we can finally monitor our online activities throughout the day and make decisions based on data regarding how we should spend our time.

WaStat MOD APK Download

Monitoring Multiple Profiles

Wastat premium MOD APK is a powerful application that enables users to track up to 10 profiles concurrently. This feature is handy for those who manage multiple WhatsApp accounts, allowing them to quickly monitor their conversations and activities.

Whether you are a parent concerned about the safety of your children’s or an employer who wants to monitor employees’ social media use during work hours, wastat premium APK can be an excellent solution for you.

Real-Time Notifications

If you’re looking for a messaging app to inform you of your contacts’ online status on time, wastat APK MOD could be the answer. This application notifies you in real time whenever one of your contacts comes online, ensuring you take advantage of every opportunity to connect with them.

With wastat app, you will have access to various features that allow you to track the availability of your contacts. For instance, the app will enable you to set custom notification tones for different connections, letting you know who contacted you without checking your phone.

Support and Updates

Wa Stat MOD APK is a popular application utilized by a large number of people around the world. This application provides its users with dedicated support, offering assistance and addressing any questions or concerns.

It offers insights into your usage patterns, enabling you to monitor conversations and messages and analyze trends. Regular updates are promised to enhance functionality and expand the app’s capabilities to encompass other social networks and messaging platforms.

User Friendly Interface

The user-friendly mobile application collects and analyzes online statistics. It displays data in charts and graphs with a convenient clock view, allowing users to gain insight into their online behavior.

The interface is designed to be user-friendly, making it simple to track usage patterns and maintain contact information. The app’s interface is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, providing a straightforward and efficient way to monitor and control online activity.

Does WaStat APK regulate privacy policy of millions of users during WhatsApp Usage?

WaStat APK is a tracker app that provides extensive data and analysis on WhatsApp usage by its users. However, it is essential to note that the app does not violate WhatsApp’s privacy policies or terms of service, nor does it hack accounts.So, It is safe to use.

It collects only information already available on WhatsApp and presents it intuitively. Moreover, the app regularly updates its features and provides regular users unlimited updates on different social networks and messengers.

Download Wastat MOD APK Latest Version 2024 with Free Subscription

Wastat is a popular app that allows users to monitor their WhatsApp activity in great detail. The app provides various features enabling users to monitor their chat habits, such as tracking the number of messages sent and received, the amount of time spent on WhatsApp, and more.

The app is always available for download from the Google play store for mobile device. Additionally, users can download the MOD version of Wastat from Apkkingo.com for free. This Premium version of the application offers a free subscription, granting users access to all premium features at no cost. With Wastat MOD APK, you can gain valuable insight into your WhatsApp usage and exert control over your chat habits.

Final Verdict

Wastat MOD APK is an essential app for anyone seeking to manage their WhatsApp usage effectively. The app’s impressive features, such as tracking your messaging habits and setting daily usage limits, make it an indispensable resource for maintaining control over your online activity.

Its user-friendly interface and customization options make it highly effective and easy to use. Whether you’re concerned about excessive WhatsApp usage or want a closer look at your messaging habits, this app is a must-have. Why then wait? Download Wastat MOD immediately to gain control over your WhatsApp usage!


Q. Is WaStat MOD APK a reliable tool to track WhatsApp online status?

WaStat app is designed to track and display WhatsApp online status. However, it's important to note that the availability and functionality of such apps can vary over time due to updates in messaging platforms and privacy policies.

Q. Can WaStat Premium APK track multiple profiles?

It allows you to monitor up to 10 profiles simultaneously. This feature can be helpful for individuals or parents who want to track the online activity of multiple WhatsApp accounts.

Q. Does WaStat Pro APK provide notifications when someone is online?

WaStat APK can send notifications when someone comes online on WhatsApp. This feature can be beneficial for users who want to stay updated on the online status of specific contacts.

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