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Version 4.4.1
Update March 20, 2024
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Facelab MOD APK is the most famous version in the Facelab MOD APK series of publisher Lyrebird Studios
Mod Version 4.4.1
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FaceLab MOD APK is a gender changer, face swap, and photo editing app that offers Young to old filters, teenage filters, beauty filters, fat filters, face swap filters, and more. This excellent app allows you to change your gender and swap faces in photos with ease.

Facelab Photo Editor MOD APK

With the makeover feature, you can change gender, transform into a cartoon character, alter your age, or change your hair color. Using cutting-edge face-swapping technology, you can swap faces with your friends. Try out the zombie, tome, and renaissance filters for results with a distinct appearance.

FaceLab Photo Editor MOD APK ensures the creation of stunning images you’ll be eager to share. Download FaceLab MOD APK if you’re looking for an intriguing way to spice up your photographs.

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How Does FaceLab MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) Work?

FaceLab face editor MOD APK is an innovative and original platform for image editing. The facelab picture editor provides all the tools required to transform your face magnificently. Users can easily alter their current photo using the best face magic application to achieve the desired facial transformations.

The perfect face editor app provides a fantastic opportunity to experiment with your appearance by altering your gender and facial features. The ‘change face’ app is an exceptional tool for photo editing enthusiasts due to its precision and high-quality outcomes.

The gender swap function, which allows users to see themselves as the opposite gender, is a popular feature. FaceLab’s editor can help you take a stunning photo by providing various editing tools to make you look your best. Experience a remarkable digital transformation by trying it today.

Install Facelab Face Aging Gender Swap And Watch The Magic!

Facelab Pro version is one of the best photo apps with incredible Facelab AI technology face. With this app, you can easily experiment with different facial appearances. Using the smile editor, you can enhance your smile and make your photos more captivating. However, the app’s face aging and gender-swapping features are its true magic.

Facelab Premium APK

Have you ever wondered what you might look like in the future or if you were of the opposite gender? You can now satisfy your curiosity and see yourself in a completely new light with the Facelab AI face editor. The app also provides a variety of photo filters to give your photos a vintage look. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transform your appearance with a few taps, download Facelab MOD APK 2024 and watch the magic happen before your eyes.

What Are The Key Features Of The Latest Version Of FaceLab?

Here are some of FaceLab Photo Editor’s outstanding features:

Facelab MOD APK Latest Version

Gender Swap

Gender Swap FaceLab can alter the appearance of its users by switching the genders in their photos. The application combines advanced facial recognition algorithms with sophisticated image processing techniques to generate astonishingly lifelike transformations.

It captures the subtle nuances of gender-specific features accurately. Whether adjusting jawlines, reshaping eyebrows, or altering facial structures, this remarkable application ensures that every detail is considered when changing a person’s appearance.

Face Aging

FaceLab MOD APK selfie camera is an innovative and one-of-a-kind technological tool that allows you to see your face in the future by applying a specialized aging filter to your photos. The system analyzes key facial characteristics and predicts how they will change with age.

On their screens, users can instantly view a visual representation of their potential future appearance. This process not only satisfies a person’s curiosity, but it can also shed light on their health and lifestyle decisions. With FaceLab, the future is no longer a mystery but a reality that can be virtually experienced now.

Facelab MOD

Cartoon Yourself

Animate Yourself Using FaceLab’s Superb Face Editor! It is possible to instantly transform any photograph into a cartoon character using simple filters. Whether you use your image or someone else’s, the results will be creative and eye-catching.

Want to give yourself more enormous eyes or a long nose? No problem! Please create your comic strip and share it with your friends and family; it’s the ideal way to stand out in the virtual world. Why then wait? Today, unleash your creativity at FaceLab and become an instant cartoon!

Facelab MOD APK Download

Beauty Filters and Transformation

FaceLab is revolutionizing how we perceive beauty by providing an extensive selection of filters that can instantly alter our appearance. You can apply makeup, experiment with different hair colors, and even add adorable freckles with just a few taps on your smartphone’s display.

Furthermore, it enhances natural beauty while retaining a realistic touch. The filters are intended to strengthen subtly rather than drastically alter your facial features. FaceLab Premium APK covers whether you want to accentuate your cheekbones or make your eyes stand out.

Facelab MOD Latest Veersion

Face Swap

Face Swap is an innovative feature that allows users to swap faces in their photos for a fun and engaging editing experience. Using the facelab perfect photo editor, users can easily replace their faces in a snap with someone else’s, transforming the image into a humorous digital artwork.

The results are humorous and frequently rib-tickling, resulting in a fascinating combination of two personalities in a single frame. This feature allows users the freedom to experiment, play, and create their unique visual narratives, opening up a world of creative and entertaining possibilities.

Funny Face Filters

FaceLab Premium MOD APK impressive array of amusing filter options is revolutionizing the world of face filters. FaceLab has you covered whether you want to become a plump and jolly character or experiment with a humorous nose.

This app’s cutting-edge technology enables users to create hilarious, one-of-a-kind photos that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Users can instantly add weight to their faces, creating humorous and exaggerated versions of themselves.

Facelab MOD APK

Avatars for Social Media

Have you ever desired to create captivating avatars for your social media accounts? You need to look no further! Facelab app provides users with a vast selection of face filters and effects, enabling them to transform their photos into stunning avatars.

This app is ideal for anyone who is an avid Instagram user, Facebook fanatic, Pinterest addict, or enjoys sharing fun moments on Whatsapp, Snapchat, or TikTok. The possibilities range from adding animal ears and noses to experimenting with futuristic holographic effects.

AI Face Editor

Facelab is an app powered by artificial intelligence that provides users with advanced face editing capabilities. The app has a magic aging booth feature that can dramatically alter your appearance instantly.

The best Face Magic app allows users to apply filters to their selfies and alter their facial features. Facelab Pro app also provides access to a library of digital looks, allowing you to customize your appearance further. Facelab provides all the tools to edit and perfect a selfie for free.


Beard and Hairstyles

FaceLab Pro APK provides a variety of filters designed specifically for beard styles and hairstyles, allowing users to experiment without committing to a particular look. This innovative feature enables users to visualize themselves with different facial hair or haircuts before making permanent changes.

Upload a photo and choose from a vast selection of filters, which range from clean-shaven to full beards and buzz cuts to long flowing hair. Users can then adjust the filter’s intensity to their liking, ensuring an accurate representation of how they would appear in real life.

Download FaceLab Photo Editor MOD APK For Android

FaceLab APK MOD is an excellent application for photography enthusiasts with Android devices. This application offers a variety of cutting-edge tools for enhancing photos initially and expertly. FaceLab lets users edit their photographs using filters, effects, layers, and other sophisticated editing tools. It offers all premium features for free, providing users with the ultimate photo editing experience.

This flawless Face Photo Editor lets users quickly and easily retouch selfies, make body adjustments, experiment with different makeup looks, and even generate astonishing aging predictions. Download the FaceLab MOD APK for Android today to experience the next level in photo editing.

Final Thoughts

Are you fed up with applying the same filters and effects to your photographs? Do you wish to improve your editing abilities? FaceLab MOD APK is the ultimate photo editing application that will revolutionize how you enhance and transform your pictures. It has a vast assortment of distinct filters and effects.

From vintage film-inspired aesthetics to futuristic distortions, this application provides an impressive array of options for creating captivating visuals. Thanks to its advanced features and user-friendly interface, FaceLab is poised to become the app of choice for amateur photographers and professional editors.


Q. How does the aging booth feature work?

The aging booth feature in FaceLab MOD APK allows you to see how you might look in the future by applying filters that simulate the aging process. Choose a photo from your gallery or take a selfie, and the app will predict your future appearance.

Q. Can I turn myself into a cartoon character with FaceLab Photo editor MOD APK?

It offers filters that can transform your photos into cartoon-like images. These filters can give you a toonified appearance, making you look like a character from a comic or cartoon.

Q. Is there a gender changer feature in FaceLab APK?

FaceLab has a gender changer feature that allows you to swap genders in photos. You can take a picture of yourself and transform it to look like the opposite gender.

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