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Update February 14, 2024
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Protake MOD APK is the most famous version in the Protake MOD APK series of publisher Beijing Lingguang Zaixian Information Technology
Mod Version 3.0.11
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Protake MOD APK is an innovative mobile filmmaking tool that brings the filmmaking experience of professional cinema cameras to your mobile devices. Whether you’re a daily vlogger, a commercial director, or a well-established filmmaker, you will benefit from Protake. It is designed to provide users with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to capture high-quality footage quickly and efficiently.

Protake MOD APK

Furthermore, its powerful features allow users to adjust each shot’s resolution, frame rate, and audio quality with minimal effort. The app also offers features such as real-time monitoring, variable speed capture, and motion detection, making it ideal for creating professional videos without expensive equipment. With Protake –  Mobile Cinema Camera, anyone can become a filmmaker quickly!

With Protake, you can easily combine clips, add music and effects, and create unique art pieces. Moreover, Protake also includes a library of sound effects, motion graphics, and other professional tools. Download the app now and start your filmmaking journey with Protake! With its intuitive interface, powerful features and affordable price tag, it’s sure to be an invaluable asset in any filmmaker’s arsenal.

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What does Protake MOD APK do?

Protake premium unlocked is the perfect tool for photographers and videographers. It allows you to customize camera information and video recording parameters . The app offers a wide range of customization options, including various in-depth features that make it ready to process for professional editing.

With Protake Camera application, you can capture stunning photos and videos with just one click. It also offers advanced settings to get the most out of your recordings. You can easily adjust white balance, ISO, shutter speed, image size, etc., allowing you to get the best photos and record phenomenal videos.

Protake Mobile Cinema Camera App With Intelligent Auto Mode and Professional Mode

The protake – mobile cinema camera MOD APK is a revolutionary new way to capture stunning cinematic footage. Its AUTO Mode has been optimized for vloggers and YouTubers, enabling them to use it single-handedly with our cinematic looks and professional composition assistants.

Protake MOD

The Pro Mode gives professional filmmakers complete control over their shots, allowing them to customize their settings to deliver the highest quality footage possible. With its Auto Mode, the app automatically adjusts exposure, focus, white balance, and colour saturation depending on the shooting situation to help you get perfect results every time. With its wide range of features and tools, the Protake Mobile Cinema Camera App is an excellent choice for anyone looking to capture quality mobile content quickly and easily.

What Incredible Color Range does Protake Pro All Packs Unlocked provide?

Protake Pro All Packs Unlocked offers colour features designed to accurately represent colours in all lighting environments, making them ideal for cinematographers looking for a professional-grade solution. Furthermore, they offer flexibility by allowing users to adjust gamma curves and saturation levels to match their needs better.

Protake APK

  • LOG: It is a genuine LOG gamma curve matched to the industrial standard ALEXA Log C, giving users a high dynamic range and compatibility with ALEXA colour solutions.
  • Cinematic Looks: It also offers a selection of cinematic looks categorized into Neutral Styles, Film Emulation, movie-inspired, and ALEXA Looks, allowing for more creative control over the look and feel of the image.

What Metadata is Recorded in Protake Pro APK Video Files?

Protake video files contain comprehensive metadata, including device model, ISO settings, shutter angle, white balance, lens information, connected accessories, location data and more. This wide range of data allows for an accurate representation of the recording environment and can be used to help with colour grading.

Metadata also provides information about the camera used to record the footage, which can be used to identify any potential issues or technical limitations that may arise during post-production. Additionally, location data can provide context for a scene or set the tone for a story. With this comprehensive metadata recorded, filmmakers can access valuable information that helps them make creative decisions both during production and post-production.

What are the Exciting Features of Protake MOD APK 3.0.11?

Protake App is a revolutionary new mobile app with some exciting features.

Single-handed filmmaker

Protake MOD APK is designed explicitly for vloggers and YouTubers, allowing them to create cinematic masterpieces with just one hand effortlessly. This innovative feature enables users to capture stunning visuals and produce high videos quality without the need for extensive technical knowledge or complicated equipment.

With AUTO mode, vlogging becomes a seamless experience, enabling content creators to focus on their storytelling and creative vision while achieving professional-looking results.


Professional grade control

PRO mode is crafted explicitly for experienced filmmakers, providing all the necessary settings conveniently accessible on the screen.

This model is designed to cater to the needs of filmmaking masters, ensuring that they have complete control and flexibility over their creative vision. With every essential setting readily available, PRO mode empowers filmmakers to fully unleash their artistic prowess and capture their desired tones with precision and finesse.

Colour Magic

Are you looking for the best in cinematic colour? Look no further than ProTake MOD APK! With LOG, you can match your device’s colour to the industry standard – ALEXA Log C – to get the same dynamic range and colour solutions as a professional cinema camera.

And now, with the ProTake, you can get the same professional results without spending a fortune. So what are you waiting for? Get the ProTake Premium APK and start creating beautiful, cinematic footage quickly!

Cinematic looks galore

Whether you’re looking for a neutral style, film emulation, or a movie-inspired look, Protake App has something to suit every project. From capturing timeless moments with neutral styles to adding a touch of nostalgia with classic Kodak and Fuji cinema film emulation, these options offer a range of possibilities.

Additionally, blockbusters and indie gems can be used as references to create a unique and captivating visual tone for those seeking inspiration from the world of movies. With such diverse choices, finding the perfect look for your project has never been easier.

Protake Pro APK

Assistants that never sleep

Protake Pro MOD APK offers a range of essential tools to enhance your filming experience. With features like Frame Drop Notice, Monitoring tools, Composition assistants, Exposure assistants, Focus assistants, and Recording aids, Protake has covered you in every aspect.

These tools are designed to provide valuable information and assistance throughout the filming process, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Zoom in on the details.

Protake APK is proud to offer a game-changing A-B Point feature that will revolutionize your photography experience. With A-B Point, capturing the perfect shot has never been easier. This innovative technology ensures you no longer rely on guesswork or trial and error to achieve stunning results.

Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, Protake’s A-B Point feature will elevate your photography skills and take your images to new heights.

Frame Rate Normalization

Protake APK MOD has significantly changed its variable frame rates, eliminating all non-standard options. protake provides constant frame rates at 24, 25, 30, 60, 120, and so on as we advance.

This update ensures users can rely on consistent, standardized frame rates when working with Protake.

File-naming made easy

All video files saved by the Protake App follow a standardized naming system, ensuring easy organization and identification. The naming convention comprises four components: Camera Unit, Reel Number, Clip Count, and Suffix

. This systematic approach allows for efficient sorting and retrieval of video footage, providing users with essential information for seamless post-production workflows.

Metadata maven

When you capture a photo using Protake MOD APK, your device automatically records a range of information in the file’s metadata. This includes details such as your device model, ISO settings, shutter angle, white balance, lens type, connected accessories, and the location of the photo.

This metadata provides valuable information about how the image was captured and can be helpful for photographers and enthusiasts alike when reviewing and organizing their photos.

Pros and Cons of Protake APK


  • Convenient: Protake APK allows users to easily record and edit videos on their mobile devices, offering a suitable solution for content creation.
  • Flexibility: Users can customize their video settings, including resolution, frame rate, and audio quality, to suit their needs.
  • User-friendly interface: The app’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users of all levels to navigate and use its features effectively.
  • Editing capabilities: Protake APK provides essential editing tools, such as trimming and adding text or filters, allowing users to enhance their videos without additional software.
  • Seamless integration: This format ensures compatibility with Android devices and enables smooth installation without complicated setup processes.


  • Limited features: Protake offers essential editing tools but may need more advanced features in professional video editing software.
  • Performance issues: Depending on the device’s specifications and processing power, the app may experience performance slowdowns or crashes when handling large video files.
  • Watermarking: The free version of Protake APK may include watermarks on exported videos unless users upgrade to a paid version or subscribe to a premium plan.

Download Protake MOD APK For Android

Protake MOD APK is an excellent choice for Android users looking to enhance their photography and videography skills. With its wide range of features and tools, this app allows users to capture professional-quality images and videos easily. From advanced editing options to various filters and effects, It offers a comprehensive package for creating stunning visual content.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, this app has something to offer everyone. So why wait? Download Protake MOD APK now and take your photography game to the next level!


Q. How does Protake MOD APK handle frame rates?

It ffers Frame Rate Normalization to ensure constant frame rates (24, 25, 30, 60, 120, etc.) even on devices with imperfect frame rate control. This helps avoid non-standard variable frame rates in your recordings.

Q. How are video files named in Protake App?

Video files saved by Protake App follow a standard naming system: Camera Unit + Reel Number + Clip Count + Suffix.

Q. Is Protake App suitable for both beginners and professionals?

Yes, Protake App offers an AUTO Mode for vloggers and beginners, as well as a PRO Mode tailored for professional filmmakers. This makes it suitable for a wide range of users with varying levels of filmmaking expertise.

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