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Vita Fighters MOD APK v.954 (Characters Unlocked) 2024

Android Android 5.0Action
4.2 ( 920 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Vita Fighters MOD APK
Publisher Ranida Labs
Genre Action
Size 174 MB
Version .954
Update March 11, 2024
MOD Characters Unlocked
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Vita Fighters MOD APK is the most famous version in the Vita Fighters MOD APK series of publisher Ranida Labs
Mod Version .954
Total installs 500,000+

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Vita Fighters MOD APK is an epic 1v1 fighting game where you can choose from 26+ playable characters and participate in fast-paced action. The game features various characters with unique strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to create your own fighting style. In addition to the regular battles, there is a final boss battle against the mighty Meaty Titan.

Vita Fighters MOD APK

Vita Fighters is a unique crossover gameplay fighting game that combines the classic block-styled cast of fighters with anime characters. The emphasis is on intuitive controls and a simple art style, but the physics and 3d graphics create an immersive and engaging gaming experience. Players can choose from various characters with unique abilities and skill sets.

If you are looking for fast-paced, action-packed gameplay with a thrilling storyline, Vita Fighters MOD APK is the perfect game for you. This game is an exciting and challenging experience as you take on the role of a fighter and battle your way across the world to become the ultimate champion. Download the Vita Fighters APK for android now and join millions of other players in an epic journey to become the greatest fighter alive.

What is the Gameplay of Vita Fighters MOD APK Latest Version?

Vita Fighters MOD APK, publishing arm of ranida games, offers a thrilling gameplay experience for fans of the classic and veteran fighting game genre. The first thing that catches your eye is the incorporated anime cartoonish graphics, which give the game an alluring Japanese look. These stunningly vibrant visuals, bright colours, and detailed character designs bring each fighter to life.

Vita Fighters MOD

The game boasts a roster of 25 playable characters, each with their distinct abilities and fighting styles. From samurais to ninjas and from mystical creatures to futuristic cyborgs, there is a wide variety of characters to choose from. Players can customize their fighters by choosing different outfits, masks, weapons, and special moves.

It combines the best elements of pop culture references from famous anime and manga series and video games like many other fighting games. Whether you’re a Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, or Street Fighter fan, this game has got you covered. With its diverse roster, players can choose from a range of 15+ backgrounds stages, each uniquely designed to provide a visually stunning and immersive setting. These stages serve as a backdrop and come with their animations and music, adding an extra layer of excitement of the game.

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Fighters Customization in Vita Fighters MOD Game

Vita Fighters MOD Game, the classic fighting games, has gained praise for its diverse roster of fighters. With various options and features, gamers can make each fighter their own. Firstly, players can choose from multiple fighting styles for their character. Whether it’s a martial arts master or a powerhouse with brute strength, there is a style to suit every player’s preference.

Vita Fighters

Players can also select different costumes and accessories to personalize their fighters further. From flashy outfits to unique weapons, these customization choices allow gamers to create a distinctive look for their characters. It takes customization even further by allowing players to tweak individual move sets and abilities.

What are the Exceptional Features of Vita Fighters MOD APK v.954?

Vita Fighters Premium MOD APK is a battle royale game with 1v1 classic fighting gameplay and an immersive storyline. One exceptional feature that makes Vita Fighters stand out from other battle royale games is its extreme combat system.

Diverse Character Roster

The Vita Fighters MOD offers a diverse roster of 35 characters, game features block-styled fighters with the flair of anime-inspired designs. This fusion results in a captivating game that showcases a vast array of distinct abilities and fighting styles.

Players are treated to an impressive selection of characters, each possessing unique skills and abilities. Whether you prefer fast-paced action or strategic combat, this game has something for everyone. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where creativity meets excitement as you explore the depths of these extraordinary fighters.

Vita Fighters MOD APK Download

Intuitive Controls

Vita Fighters Pro APK version is designed to provide an accessible and enjoyable gaming experience for players of all skill levels. With its easy-to-learn controls, even casual gamers can quickly grasp the mechanics and start having fun.

At the same time, the game also caters to veteran players by offering responsive controls that allow for precise movements and strategic gameplay. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, It ensures that everyone can dive into the action and have a great time.

Stunning Background Stages

Vita Fighters APK offers an engaging gameplay experience with battles in 16 visually captivating stages. Each stage presents unique challenges and features interactive elements adding excitement.

Players can expect a dynamic environment where they must adapt their strategies and skills to overcome various obstacles. With stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, Vita Fighters APK promises an exhilarating combat experience for all players.

Vita Fighters APK MOD

Titanic Boss Fights

Players will have the thrilling opportunity to confront the awe-inspiring Meaty Titan in the epic boss battles of Vita Fighters MOD APK unlock all characters. These encounters are the ultimate test of skill and strategy, pushing players to their limits as they devise clever tactics to overcome this formidable foe.

With its immense strength and cunning abilities, the Meaty Titan presents a daunting challenge that requires players to think quickly on their feet and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Seamless Combat Experience

The Vita Fighters APK all characters unlocked version is a universale has eliminated cooldowns for special moves to provide players with a seamless and uninterrupted combat experience. This decision ensures players can execute their unique abilities without delay or interruption, allowing for a fluid and dynamic combat system.

By removing cooldowns, players can maintain a constant flow of action, making every battle intense and fast-paced. This innovative approach enhances the gameplay experience, providing players with an exhilarating and non-stop adrenaline rush as they engage in combat.

Vita Fighters MOD Download

Touch and Controller Support

Players can choose how they want to play their games thanks to the option of selecting either touch controls or an external game controller. Whether they prefer the tactile experience of using their fingers on a touchscreen or the precision and familiarity that comes with a physical controller, players can opt for their preferred method of play.

This feature allows for a personalized gaming experience, catering to individual preferences and enhancing overall gameplay enjoyment.

Next-Generation Graphics

The Vita Fighters APK is a universal game unique blend of block-styled characters and anime aesthetics creates a visually stunning experience for players. The combination of these two art styles results in graphics that are not only striking but also incredibly immersive.

The block-styled characters add a distinct charm to the game, while the anime aesthetics bring vibrant and dynamic energy to the visuals. Overall, this visual design choice enhances the gaming experience and makes it genuinely captivating for players.

Balanced Mechanics

Latest Version of Vita Fighters MOD is a game that seamlessly blends sweet fighting game mechanics to create an engaging experience for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the game has features that cater to your needs, ensuring fair and competitive gameplay.

With intuitive controls and various moves and combos, beginners can easily pick up the game and enjoy it immediately. Vita Fighters truly offers a balanced and inclusive gaming experience for all.

Vita Fighters Premium MOD APK

Ad-Free Gameplay

During gameplay, players can fully immerse themselves in the action without interruptions from forced advertisements. This means the gaming experience remains uninterrupted and focuses solely on the 3d brawler vita fighters APK.

Players do not have to worry about being distracted or pulled out of the immersive atmosphere by advertisements popping up unexpectedly. This allows for a more enjoyable and engaging gaming experience, where players can immerse themselves in the virtual world without external commercial influences.

Continuous Updates

The developers have exciting plans for the game’s future, aiming to continuously enhance the player experience by adding more content. This includes introducing new characters, stages, and features players can anticipate.

By regularly updating the game with fresh and engaging elements, the developers ensure that players always have something new and exciting to look forward to.

Defeat the Final Boss, Meaty Titan and Become the Champion in Vita Fighters Pro APK!

Defeating the final boss Meaty Titan, a colossal boss, and becoming the champion in Vita Fighters is incredible. Defeating this formidable foe requires a masterful combination of skill, strategy, and luck.

You must build up your character’s strength by engaging in various battles and unlocking new moves. You must also use the game’s mechanics, such as blocking and countering attacks, to gain an edge over your opponent. Finally, you must employ clever tactics to outwit Meaty Titan and secure victory.

Amazing Tips to Play Vita Fighters APK 2024

In Vita Fighters MOD APK 2024, mastering each type of attack is vital for becoming a skilled and versatile player. Here are some fantastic tips for effectively playing Vita Fighters.

Vita Fighters MOD APK Characters Unlocked

Light Attack

  • Use Light Attacks for fast and agile combos that can pressure opponents.
  • Employ them as quick pokes to disrupt your opponent’s rhythm and test their defences.
  • Light Attacks are ideal for interrupting your foe’s attacks and punishing unsafe moves.

Medium Attack

  • Double tapping from Light Attack to Medium Attack grants you access to more damaging attacks.
  • Utilize Medium Attacks to continue combos and deal more substantial damage without sacrificing too much speed.

Heavy Attack

  • Heavy Attacks are powerful but slower, making them suitable for punishing opponents’ mistakes.
  • Use Heavy Attacks to counter foes who are overextending or attempting unsafe moves.
  • Time Heavy Attacks well to catch opponents from a distance and surprise them with extended reach.

Special Attack

  • Master your character’s unique Special Attacks to capitalize on their strengths.
  • Experiment with two bars of your special attack to find their best applications in various situations.
  • Special Attacks can be excellent tools for mix-ups, combos, and zoning.


  • Ex-Super moves are extremely powerful and can turn the tide of a match.
  • Save your meter for Ex-Super moves during critical moments, such as when you need to secure a comeback or finish off an opponent.
  • Remember your meter usage; holding on to it for Ex-Super opportunities can be a game-changer.

Download Vita Fighters MOD APK All Characters Unlocked for Android

Vita Fighters MOD APK is an epic fighting game for casual and veteran fighting game players alike. It offers a unique and exhilarating experience, as you can use in-game currency to unlock new items and  characters to play. The graphics are immersive and detailed, with stunning visuals and effects that make every battle feel like a real fight. You can customize your fighter’s appearance, stats, skillset, and more.

The best part is that it’s completely free to download, so there’s no need to spend any money. Download the Vita Fighters MOD APK for android now, and prepare for some intense brawling action!



Q. How many playable characters are there in the Vita Fighters MOD APK?

The game offers a roster of 35 playable characters, each based on different fighting game archetypes, providing a wide range of unique abilities and fighting styles.

Q. Are there different stages to fight in the Vita Fighters game?

Vita Fighters includes 16 dynamic background stages, each offering distinct challenges and interactive elements to enhance the gameplay experience.

Q. Can casual players enjoy the game, or is it tailored for veterans only?

The game is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for casual and veteran fighting players. The intuitive controls and balanced mechanics ensure that players of all skill levels can have a great time.

Q. Are there any forced advertisements in the game?

No, Vita Fighters MOD APK respects players' time and experience by eliminating any forced advertisements during gameplay.

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